Monday, December 31, 2007

So many things, so little time!

So hey there, Internet Land! I've been rolling yarn for the past FOREVER and working on a sock. Soo many people have gotten me yarn over Christmas, my stash box floweth over. Seriously. I have no idea what to do with a lot of this, as it's bulky and I usually work with fingering weight. o__o;

Sweetie's sister got me a pretty bag and a ton of yarn! Gio got me a pound of Caron yarn. . . which I might make a sweater with, not quite sure. . . and members of my family got me various novelty yarns.

I also have a ton of plushie work to do. . .

OH! I opened my copy of World of Knitted Toys! A lot of the things are worked on straight needles, which isn't really my cup o'tea (I hate seams) but if it's yours then you should most likely buy it. The pattern variety is great (It's not just twelve. . . . it's 47) and he simply assembly of the dolls gives me a boost of creativity. I can definitely see myself knitting up the snake, or the turtle, or the clown fish. . . or going with my own flow and turning the tiger into a lion, or the basic human pattern into a version of me! I think this is a great book overall, especially if you're just starting into knit amigurumi. I should probably also sneak in the fact that if you think about the pattern, the knit pieces can be converted to fabric pieces, and the dolls sewn together, hehe. So sneaky!

So long for now, I think it's time to bind off my sock aberration and start rolling up that pound of yarn!

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