Sunday, April 19, 2009


I love keeping up to date on the knitted toys of the interweb, and I think this might just be as fresh as it gets. This adorable mouse from the yarnigans



Municipal Cupcake said...

Oh the mouse is so sweet. I cannot knit, but I sew instead. My daughter would love the house fairy to leave her one of these mice - do you sell them on etsy or anything?

Alyoops said...

It's actually a free pattern on the internet. Perhaps if you contacted the author through the hyperlink above, or through their etsy shop, you could get one:

I don't see any mice in the shop, but perhaps you could commission on?

Good luck,

Amigurumi Zoo said...

Awe thats cute! He looks so precious<3

Heidi K. said...

The website no longer exists - do you know of anywhere else I could obtain the pattern?

Alyoops said...

Hi Heidi!

Sorry about that. Apparently Vox went down on September 30th, 2010 and the Yarnigans author is looking for a new place to host their website.

Until they find a new location, you can download the pattern on Here's the address: