Sunday, October 7, 2007


I know as much as anyone that buying patterns seems like a scam: "Hey, if I can figure it out, I'll save some money! Let me just try it myself..." Well, let me tell you! These ADORABLE creatures designed by New Yorker Anna Hrachovec are worth all the money in the world. And they're five dollars! That's quite the steal. If you need some practice following patterns, I suggest you try it out.
If you're feeling cheap, there ARE some free patterns out there on the interweb. The cute Miyazaki-inspired critters to the left are featured in the current issue of Knitty. The weblog also has a cute collection of some more simple freebies.
If you're also one of those people who like to go around reading people's knitblogs, then check out as well! All in all, I'd give Mochimochi Land an A: exciting, enticing, and most of all CUTE!

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