Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That's the sound made by my scholastic entry: White sheepie! I'm also going to make a black sheepie soon, too! Above is visible my dear friend Liza hugging the alleged sheepie. (Don't tell her, but she's getting one for graduation, hehe!)

This little baby is soooo cute, and huggable! I'm seriously considering adding them to the etsy shop when it goes lie in early april. I'm gunna be making a crappyload, yay! Stay tuned for more updates.
On the docket are two sock patterns and the whimsie I'm currently working on. I think I'll post them up here, since they'll be sooo cute! The one I want to do next I have the yarn for (it was gifed, I have no idea of the contents or brand or anything, but it's super thin. . .). And it has fish! Oh the insanity.

Hope you are all doing well on the internet, keeping alive, at least. Work hard on those Christmas Presents!

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