Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh, What I have discovered!

Anti-Craft! I feel like I've been missing a great part of me, and that I've just found it out there on the interweb! I seriously think that some of these patterns are total genius, hehe!
Teratoma doll! As a note, those who aren't old enough to know what a tertoma is should probably not visit this site.

This amazing web zine is so cool. . . It's a bit punky, bit goth, bit wiccan, with hilarity in every issue! Here's a spider baby cap that could probably be easily modded to fish us non-babies:

All in all, it's a great site with creative knits, but there are some problems. I wish the archive had pictures, and that some of the patterns came with more pictures/better quality ones. . . but hey, genius and practicality can't always get along, can they?

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