Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mmmm Pocky!

So yes, I've been wanting to add this pattern to my collection of "kawaii knit foods" and, here it is! It requires very little gauge, and only knowledge of how to work an i-cord. If you don't know how, then this is a great way to learn how, I guess. I just used red Heart Super Saver, and size 8 straight needles.


CO 3 stitches of Brown. Work an i-cord for 5 inches

Switch to Pink and work one inch in i-cord

Increase: K1, M1. K1, M1, K1. You now have 5 stitches.

Start wrapping your i-cord around previous work. Pull work up behind the needle, wrapping the yarn for the next row around your work as you slide the stitches onto the needle. Do this for four inches, and bind off.

Now, here's how you hide the icky back part. Do you know how to pick up a stitch using a crochet hook? What do all those lines across the back look like? Exactly! Pick up these loops like you would a dropped stitch.

Embroider as you will. Little faces, "Oh no" expressions, whatever you want.

Taaaa daaaa. Only takes about half an hour of work.

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Pickledkitty said...

When I saw the pic, my first thought was *Oye, now there is a cozy for everything*

Second was *Pocky...Pocky...Pocky* mumbled in Zombie-ish voice;p