Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to Knit a Flat Circle

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Downtown DiY: KNITTING.

Well, how nice! I came home yesterday and my mom had bought me a nice little book, on a whim! And a knitting book, on top of that! I have so few knitting books (I plan on changing that in the future) and this one had such a sweet cover. LIES!

First of all, I was really happy with the table of contents page. I love how it was laid out, love the pictures. As soon as I turned to this page, my eye was drawn to the cap in the upper right. Hey, I want to make that! So, I turned right to the page. What do I see?

The same picture on the cover. Okay, first I think: JIP. LAZY. But I forgive it. The instructions are pretty simple enough. They even have a nice instruction section, which explains the basics of knitting. I keep flipping through the book, and I notice a trend. . . NO PHOTOS.

Now, this makes me slightly irked. I really don't like working a pattern when I have nothing to go off of. They could have even used the same tiny pictures they put in the contents section (which I thought were lovely) and just made them bigger. But no. Instead, they do these arty, doodly sketches that look like they took the most of five minutes with a tablet and Corel Painter, with some knit textures paint bucketed in where the "project" is supposed to be. I don't know- maybe this was supposed to be "chic." Maybe their photographer had a mental breakdown and they hired a last-minute illustrator to fill some page space.

Whatever the excuse is, "it sucks and I hate it!" Is the only quote I can think of to describe this book. There's no pictures to go by except the tiny ones in the table of contents, the patterns, while presented in a fresh and clear way, are in no ways breakthrough. In fact, thinking back on the book I can't really even remember what designs there were. I do remember the sketchy little page fillers which, aside from serving no purpose but to distract you from the lack of knitting in the book, seemed to beg to be embroidered on something.

I especially like this one:

In conclusion, buy downtown DiY: Knitting for that tween in your life that thinks knitting and DiY is "cool" "indie" and "chic," but will probably never pick up a pair of needles in her life. Yes, I said her. Please do not buy a young pre-adolescent boy this book. It is obviously aimed for girls (another minus, on my docket.)
If you really liked this book, I apologize if I've offended your bad tastes. If you're the AUTHOR of this book, call me before you make a sequel, I'LL take the photos!

We're just lucky they don't have an equally humiliating crochet version. Or a Sewing version. WAIT. . .