Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Knit Knit!

Well, I'm back from NYC, but I'm still obsessing over this book I bought at PS1! It's called Knit Knit: Profiles and Projects from Knitting's New Wave. I absolutely adore it! It has people, groups, patterns, sites. . . and a ton of pictures of innovative knit-things. They also have a website and a magazine. . . I want them T__T
Anyway, the book is devoid of any "You can knit, too, horray!" Slap-happy vibes that many other knitting books have been cursed with. On the contrary, it's much more of a "Look at this person. Don't you wish you were that creative? Envy." Seriously, some of the stuff is amazing:This house!? I bet I could find some way to make that. . . And this knitted room!? How awesome!

There's also patterns, for those of you who CAN'T buy a knitting book without patterns. Some of them might be a little hard to do, like this fiberglass teddy bear:

But some, like knit boxing gloves, a hat insbired by geodesic architecture, and this AMAZING cable cardigan, are definitely within my realm:
All in all, I think this is an amazing book. If not for the designers, for the inspiration. If not for the inspiration, for the patterns. If not for the patterns, for looking over them with your knitting friends and having quite the giggle. Definitely a buy! When's the sequel!?
(P.S.- The picture at the very top is designer Freddie Robbins. All the dolls in the background? KNIT AMIGURUMI.)

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