Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So, I am aware of the Spanish-speaking children's icon, Dora the Explorer. I am also aware of her little companion, Boots. You probably are, too. . . but were you aware that a lovely lady by the name of Jennifer Wilson-Parkes has designed her very own Boots Doll?

You weren't!? Well, I feel I've done you some sort of service. Note though, it's a ravelry download, so I don't know how you non-ravelers will work it.

And to all of you whining and cheesing to get more Amigurumi, or "why haven't I posted this or that pattern," well, send me an email at with something for me to post. If you don't send me an email, don't complain when I take my time telling you all about my wonderful cupcakes or. . . whatever I feel like blogging about.

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