Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tweet Tweet

Alright, so I know that there is a considerable amount of people that want ami patterns. . . so I'm posting them as I find them. I was going to add this before all the AP exam/art show madness, but I just didn't. Blame laziness if you want, but my computer has been totally infected. Ad ware, evil stuff like that.

Anyway, this little bird is so adorable! And, it's also simple! Knit on straight needles, in garter stitch and sewn up, this would make a lovely springtime gift for a little kid. . . or even an older kid! Looking at it, I can imagine a mobile made out of many colored little birdies hanging over a bassinet. Hmm. . .
Oh, um, while we're on the subject, make a note of Raynor's site, "Knitted Toy Box." It's relatively new, but it stays on topic (unlike myself) so it might hold your attention more easily.

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