Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ziggy and Boing!

See what a loyal blogger I am, even in this heat?! Next, I might even tell you what i'm doing, haha. Anyway, today features the patterns of the lovely Clare Taylor, of Quilty's Corner. These two little critters are sooo adorable, and really easy-looking, if you ask me. I've yet to figure out what they are besides cute. I THOUGHT they were owls, but several others who help me pick patterns to post have offered up kitty, and totoro, to name two.

Anyway, knit these and figure that out for yourself! Ziggy is the bigger one, Boing is the smaller one.

Oh, and I hear there's another on the way to this owly. . . erm. . . kitty. . . uh. . . totoro family. So, when that one comes live, you can hear about it here! (Or, just read Clare's blog. . .)

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quiltdude said...

Thank you for featuring my creations. In answer to what they are.........well, they started out as things! then I thought they were kitty's and almost called them Knitty Kitty's. So I guess they can be whatever you want them to be.
Still working on a tiny one who will be called Splat!
Love to see pictures from anyone who has a go.
XX Clare