Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mm... slimy.

So, I'm in college, separated from my yarn, needles, and library of knitting books. BUT, fear not, for I still have 6 balls and some gumption, and this is one of the patterns I want to churn up in the next few months.Isn't he so adorable!? I have a small obsession with snails, and this pattern has the realistic cuteness of a snail, but without those slime trails. Admit it, everyone would be down with mollusks if it weren't for the slime. Or the open circulatory system.

And, it even comes with the option to turn it into a slug and a seashell- detachable shell! It's like making three dolls in one! Make sure to thank K2SC1 for this delightful knit.

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