Saturday, August 9, 2008

What!? Who!?

I'm like, hopping up and down with happiness, because out there back on the internet now are... DR. WHO Patterns! How awesome!

I was snooping about on ravelry, and I swear I might've wet myself, if it wasn't 8 AM.

Anyway, there's a knitted Dalek, which I'm afraid of (the Dalek, not the pattern), and a Stuffed Tardis brought to you by this person, (and, of course, this person!) There's also the dearest, cutest Adipose that BBC forced Mazzmatazz to take down. It's been saved in the annals of death by copyright.

Although the issue hasn't been solved and the BBC still kind of sucks, at least there's knitting to be done. How can something that thought up something so adorable be so, so evil? Hopefully more patterns will return, or maybe I'm just a month behind the news and they have, somewhere.

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