Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fish Fish Fish!

So how adorable are these guys!? Brought to you by wonderful Susan Dennis... who has a website named after her. I want a website named after me! Anyway, these fish are no-sew, with google eyes, and grafted fins so that, if put into a knitted sea, they would swim.

You know, I had goldfish once. My little brother and I each one a goldfish at a local festival and they lived happily together in a nice plastic tank. Little did when know, the plastic was leeching into the water... and eventually my brother's fish ate mine. That seemed to be a precursor on how the rest of our lives together have formed out so far, haha!

Anyway, back on topic... so cute! Knit one, then comment with a blog/ravelry link.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So, it's been a wee bit difficult for me to find patterns, partly on the part of a general slow in the knitted toys world, partly because I'm having a hard time with people getting back to me, but here's a treat for the blogo-world. This spider is a limited-time-only free, so knit it up while you can, because after Halloween Dearest Dawn will be selling it! So, if don't want to buy it, knit it up now... if not, you can get it off Ravelry and Etsy this November :)

I'd personally like to knit this and leave it near a certain arachnaphobic's window... mwahahaha!