Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I'm a little behind on my pattern posting, mostly because I'm a nice person and I ask permission from people before linking to them. Poster's etiquette, I guess. Anyway, sometimes certain notifications get sent to certain bulk folders in certain email accounts, and I get angry. I may change my ways soon and just send a courtesy link in the future, I don't really know though. Any thoughts out there?

Anyway, here's a real cutie. I think he's just crazy adorable, yes? Mmm, crazy adorable. Brought to you by The Most Popular Book in the World. Read it!

Happy almost midnight! I've been sick recently, so I've been sleeping and waking at strange hours. And throwing up. My favorite thing to throw up: Chocolate cake mixed with white tea crystal light. Try it some time.


Laura said...

You have an adorable blog! Knitted cuteness!
I think Miss Manners would be proud that you always ask to post a link. I'm just flattered if anyone wants to link to my blog. Knock yourself out!

Laura said...

thanks for asking permission to link to my blog, of course you can.
by the way nice knitted kittens!!! i love kittens and i might try one of those.