Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simply Knitting!

I often have a horrible fear that those magazines wrapped in plastic at the grocery store will be a huge disappointment. They can't let you see inside! How do I know that I REALLY want that pattern?

In a way, the same thing happened the other day at Barnes and Nobles. I saw a magazine wrapped in plastic... but with a pattern for a knit cake inside. Hmm. I bought it, found out how easy the cake was, and hit myself in the head for spending $10.50.

But then I realized that this magazine- Simply Knitting- had so much more stuff inside it.
True, the patterns leave something to be desired, but if you're truely obsessed (comme moi) you'd probably find Simply Knitting a fun read.

Reveiw breakdown:
P(s pattern)= (2/8)=25%Overall, the patterns were a little disappointing. I really liked this hat, though! Bulky is in. The other pattern I liked was a cute little baby dress, and a shrug for a small child... but the shrug was CROCHET.

Nonsenicalness= 1- This may be attributed to the fact that it's British, but a few of the stuff in this magazine didn't make any sense. There was an add encouraging you to order back issues, but according to the chart, all back issues were sold out EXCEPT THIS ONE. Also, there's a module titled "Sheep of the Month."

Interestingness= 5- "Sheep of the Month," while a little confusing, is still pretty interesting. Also, this magazine had a TON of fiber-related stuff, from yarn reviews to blog reviews to a knitting horoscope. Oh, not to mention a designer spotlight, articles on interesting charity projects, and HELPFUL yarn reviews. (Personally, I think a yarn review without a swatch is pointless.)Oh, need I bring up the fact that they have discount codes for buying yarn from the distributors that sell their product? It almost makes $10.50 worth it.

My overall review: four stars, but don't bother buying the magazine for the patterns.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Interweave Summer Preview

Okay, so usually I don't subscribe to magazines, touting them all over oblivion. There are a few online blogs that I love, but sometimes I find a magazine and just want to die. It's the same for books: sometimes, you just see one thing and you have to have it.

That's what happened ten short minutes ago when I read Knitting Daily today. Turns out, the Summer Preview is out on their website.

I fell in love with this lovely mesh lace tank, and had to dig deeper.Then I found these two gorgeous garmets, the Great Gatsby Dress and the Luminarie Skirt:

My verdict: I haven't even go the magazine in my hands and I love it. I'm going to preorder as soon as that paycheck deposits...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I love keeping up to date on the knitted toys of the interweb, and I think this might just be as fresh as it gets. This adorable mouse from the yarnigans


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Please take a moment to heed my all-caps header and look at MPMK's spring issue. Enjoy the lovely drawings as they model high fashion knits. Enjoy the socks made by yours truly. Make them. Wear them. And don't laugh at my picture, it was seriously the only decent one that wasn't of my feet.

Oh, and make sure you check out my ravelry page and, for those not in the ravelry world, my flickr feed for some exclusive dude action shots.

If you are one of those kind of people that... enjoy... sock action shots...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Studies Show, Danger Turns People On.

... You know what should be turning you on, internet? Rebecca Danger.

You may be asking so many questions right now. "Who's Rebecca Danger?" "Oh, yeah, that awesome Etsy shop... I thought you only did free things?"

Well, guess what internet, this is free. :)

At first I saw this as a ravelry pattern. I contemplated it, then rejected it as I do most ravelry patterns, in an attempt to not alienate those people who have yet to experience the joy of ravelry.

Then today when I was supposed to be doing homework, I thought, "Why not?"

Then I found out that it's not just on ravelry! You can find it on her blog, too :)
So, you know, now everyone can bring some danger into their lives. Make sure you keep on top of this one, perhaps she'll be sending out more swag as time goes by.

(*Number of times this post has included a pun on the word danger: 2. I could have been worse. Anyway, I love her enough to tease her.)