Saturday, April 4, 2009

Studies Show, Danger Turns People On.

... You know what should be turning you on, internet? Rebecca Danger.

You may be asking so many questions right now. "Who's Rebecca Danger?" "Oh, yeah, that awesome Etsy shop... I thought you only did free things?"

Well, guess what internet, this is free. :)

At first I saw this as a ravelry pattern. I contemplated it, then rejected it as I do most ravelry patterns, in an attempt to not alienate those people who have yet to experience the joy of ravelry.

Then today when I was supposed to be doing homework, I thought, "Why not?"

Then I found out that it's not just on ravelry! You can find it on her blog, too :)
So, you know, now everyone can bring some danger into their lives. Make sure you keep on top of this one, perhaps she'll be sending out more swag as time goes by.

(*Number of times this post has included a pun on the word danger: 2. I could have been worse. Anyway, I love her enough to tease her.)

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Really, I think there should be more uses of Danger as a pun everywhere, it is good to bring more danger into your life!

Thanks for the Nugget Love!