Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I haven't posting in a MONTH!

Is school really that busy? It doesn't feel like it. Also, I've barely finished a single project and I haven't spotted any good Ami on Ravelry.

Picture from Down Cloverlaine

But I thought I'd update with this awesome modification to my Kitten Mittens! Cloverlaine from ravelry made this mittens from the bottom up for her grandchildren. How adorable!! So now, if you didn't want to make them top down, you can do it her way here.

Don't forget to thank Elaine for her helpful mod and to check out some of her adorable designs, especially the ones for bibs... they are so awesome!

I've noticed that for some reason, I am backwards! I like making mittens top-down and socks toe-up. Not that everyone is the opposite, but most of the people I'm close to are! I wonder how I got that way...