Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh, Hey, Another Dinosaur!

Hey, I'm not complaining, and you better not either, because in my opinion the more free dinosaur patterns there are out there the better the world is for you and me.  This has been named Jellybean Dinosaur by the gracious Miss Aine, "'cause his face reminds me of a jellybean baby."

Beautiful.  You can download it via ravelry or direct on her blog.  Whoo hoo!

Know of some cute free knit amigurumi or toys on a blog, website, or ravelry? Send me an e-mail and I'll feature it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

So, this weekend I went to Rochester (again) to see my sweetie's film screen (it did awesome!) and go to the Lilac Festival.  For those non-Rochesterians among us, the Lilac Festival is a HUGE event that goes for ten days in Rochester's Highland Park.  It's in the top 200 family events in the US, and I think it's in the top 10 events to go to in New York State.  Anyway, the point is, it's a big deal, and when I went last year I had an awesome time!

This year the event wasn't as "magical," I have to admit.  It's much later in May, and the lilacs were past their prime, to say the least.  Most of them were completely flowerless, due to the crazy weather and unfair unseasonable temperature (it's cold.)

But there were peonies the size of my head! If you don't believe me, you can see the picture of yours truly below.
Look close, because you're probably not going to see one of those for a looooonnnggg time.

Anyway, the culmination was the Conservatory.  I would TOTALLY recommend going to this festival because also, you get to go in here while you're "in the neighborhood."  It's probably my favorite place to be in Rochester (Besides the Butterfly Garden at Strong.)

On with the pictures!

I'll end with the fact that W and I bought a turkey leg when we went on Sunday and spent around an hour and a half trying to eat it all.  It was sooo delicious, and people kept stopping us and asking "Where did you get that?" In the end, we couldn't finish it, so W took it back to school with him.

Knitting? Oh, what's that? *sarcasm*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bring on the Mini Me!

So, this isn't EXACTLY a 'rumi link (it kind of is, since there's a free pattern), but I just thought I would share that Stitch London is looking for knitters, crocheters, and sew-ers to participate in the opening of their new exhibit... by stitching a version of themselves! I'm so going to send a little Alyssa off to London to join in the fun :)  They provide a basic template to use, as well:

As if I need another project... And one with a deadline at that! She needs to get to London by June 26th!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My weekend in pictures!

This weekend I went to sunny Philedelphia with my friend from high school.  We didn't do a ton - we just saw the Philly Art Museum and hung out at her aunt's house, but that was more than enough! I was too tired to drive all the way home yesterday, and so I went to bed early at woke up at 5 today to get to work.  Even worse idea than driving at night... because now I'm so tired! Boo!

But we did see some totally awesome things! The coolest being this painting by Van Eyke:
It may look unimpressive, but it was so tiny! About the size of my hands! The curator said that it was painted with a brush of two hairs...

And this photoshopped gate.  Yes, I did commit a horrible faux pas, as soon as I saw this painting I said... 
..."That gate looks totally 'shopped."

Though I have to admit that my friend said something equally funny, when we saw this altarpiece...
 ..."There's a bird trying to steal her hair!"

I love how the two of us did extremely well in Art History class, I got a 5 on the AP and I think she got a 4... if not a 5.  And now, 3-4 years later, we're in a museum poking fun at altarpieces. Hey, we did appreciate some stuff! They had some great impressionist works (I'm sorry that the Renoir exhibit wasn't open yet, because that will be AWESOME!) and some cool non-western art as well. Here's my top three (besides the Van Eyke, but photgraphs can't do that stuff justice, it's like Dali or Color Field paintings, you have to be there.)

Lotus spent the weekend at her grandmother's.  I'm such a typical teenage mom, dropping my hedgehog child onto her grandmother.  Both of them like it, though, I think.  At least, Mommy's never complained and Lotus has a whole room of her own, with a bed with piles of blankets to dig in.

  She was sooo happy last night, but she got grumpy as soon as I tried to get her under the light to take her photo.  I asked her "Don't you want to be famous on the internet!?" and she only replied by curling up into a ball and hissing.  She wouldn't stop, even when I put her back on her mountain of blankets.  So I decided she was done with playing and she went back in her cage, where she knocked her bowl over and then had me put it back, knock it over, put it back, until I finally gave up and went to bed.

Well, now I'm going to go back to work, then home to go to bed. Have a great week!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Time to Guard Your Stash

What better way to scare those evil spirits from your stash than a gargoyle? Knit up this one from Devon Monk and rest easy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Pattern: Wooper

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silken Teddy Bears

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means, amigurumi!
Also, I will be making some changes to the layout sometime today (probably after five) so if you visit around then and things look... off... I'm experimenting!

Anyway, this cute teddy caught my eye when I saw mildawg's finished project here.  (Hers looks much better than the photo, I think).

Know of some cute free knit amigurumi or toys on a blog, website, or ravelry? Send me an e-mail and I'll feature it!