Monday, May 17, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

So, this weekend I went to Rochester (again) to see my sweetie's film screen (it did awesome!) and go to the Lilac Festival.  For those non-Rochesterians among us, the Lilac Festival is a HUGE event that goes for ten days in Rochester's Highland Park.  It's in the top 200 family events in the US, and I think it's in the top 10 events to go to in New York State.  Anyway, the point is, it's a big deal, and when I went last year I had an awesome time!

This year the event wasn't as "magical," I have to admit.  It's much later in May, and the lilacs were past their prime, to say the least.  Most of them were completely flowerless, due to the crazy weather and unfair unseasonable temperature (it's cold.)

But there were peonies the size of my head! If you don't believe me, you can see the picture of yours truly below.
Look close, because you're probably not going to see one of those for a looooonnnggg time.

Anyway, the culmination was the Conservatory.  I would TOTALLY recommend going to this festival because also, you get to go in here while you're "in the neighborhood."  It's probably my favorite place to be in Rochester (Besides the Butterfly Garden at Strong.)

On with the pictures!

I'll end with the fact that W and I bought a turkey leg when we went on Sunday and spent around an hour and a half trying to eat it all.  It was sooo delicious, and people kept stopping us and asking "Where did you get that?" In the end, we couldn't finish it, so W took it back to school with him.

Knitting? Oh, what's that? *sarcasm*

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