Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How A-DORK-able!

This cutie is named "Adorkable Monster" and it really, truly is.  Created by Pockets and Parking Garages.

If you've noticed that I haven't updated a lot, make sure that you check out my new blog, Alyoops! That's where all of my WIPs, photography, Lotus pics, and new designs will be from now on.

I'm actually probably going to move the amigurumi update in the future, or end it all together.  I'd like your opinion (if you have one ;P)


Bailey said...

I hope you keep going with the knitted ami's. While I am a crocheter, Mom only knits and your Dinosaur is headed out this Christmas. I am always looking for new knitted toys because I know we crocheters are far more blessed with free toy patterns than knitters. So I pass on patterns to my readers when I can find them, too.

However, you have to do what works best for you. If this gets to be too much work, you need to do what fits. Best wishes.

Carla said...

I liked the knitted ami's! I'm pretty sure that's how I found your blog xD
But its your blog, you can do whatever ya want :3 I wish you luck with figuring it out.

Rachel S said...

AWW! So cute!

Jordan said...

hahah he is very sweet :)