Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Pattern Wednesday: Octopuss

I recently had the absolute delight in test knitting for Bethany Hendrickson, an absolutely amazing designer! I feel pretty silly that I didn't notice her pattern go live, but here it is on ravelry! It's a direct download from ravelry here.

If you're at all interested, here is my blue version :)



Jordan said...

hahaha I was looking at it thinking that looks more like a cat then i got it octo'puss'! aaha cool :)

Joansie said...

Love this octopus. I'm going to have to knit this one.

~*Alyssa*~ said...

I just started to knit, so I can make things for my infant. I am thrilled about your blog because the little designs are too cute.

I can honestly say, once I figure out these mittens, I am going to attempt this... Key word "attempt".