Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi and thank you to Alyoops

First I'd like to thank Aly for inviting me to be a guest contributor.
Like her, I love knitting toys, amis,softies call them what you will. I have designed a couple of toys and hope to design more. Pictures of a couple of favorites below.
Trouble is I make them, but forget to write down what I did, meaning that most of mine are definitely one of a kind!!

More about me.. (If you're still reading of course lol,) I have a website where I sell my creations, all in the hope of raising funds and awareness of epilepsy. (I'll check with Aly, if I'm allowed to advertise it here lol)
Checked: & Rich's memorial site is:

Anyhoo look forward to finding you links to lots of free knitting patterns, if there's anything in particular you need, give us a shout.

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Bailey said...

Great items and a great cause.