Friday, September 16, 2011

Angry Birds!

So, I don't know about you, but W (my boyfriend) is OBSESSED with playing Angry Birds on his iPhone.  I looked for a pattern to make some Angry-Birds-inspired dolls, but could only find crochet! Story of my life, really.  I told myself that "I'll just have to figure something out myself." And, of course, they haven't been made yet.

But, OMG. I looked on Ravelry and the amazing Shirley knitterbees has designed and written the pattern for both the red bird and the green piggie! For those 2% of people not familiar with the game, don't worry, I have photographic evidence!

The Red Bird:
Image © Shirley knitterbees

Green Pig:
Image © Shirley knitterbees

Even if you don't know someone that's obsessed with the game, they're still REALLY cute! Truthfully, I think these knit versions look way better than any of the crochet ones, but I'm biased. Seriously, why don't these amazing patterns have more fav's, queues, and projects on Ravelry!? It's a mystery!


Jordan said...

They are very cool!

Cathy said...

I love these! I think she also has the yellow bird now too! I want to try them but I am a little nervous that these are a bit out of my league...they are so awesome!!

Zakka Life said...

These look amazing! Will definitely have to bookmark this pattern, as if I don't have enough projects on my plate ;)

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