Alyssa is a 21 year-old environmental student at RIT.  She's the current president of the RIT fiber club, Hooks and Needles, and loves to knit! She started this blog in 2007 to catalog free knit toy patterns on the internet after being frustrated with so many crochet things that she couldn't make. 

Alyssa blogs full-time at Alyoops! 


Deb is a 51 year-old teaching assistant currently working with 6 & 7 year olds. She runs after school clubs teaching needlecrafts to all age groups. A mom and grandma, Deb knits, crochets and sews.  She spends a lot of time crafting to raise funds and awareness of epilepsy after losing one of herr sons in 2009 as a result of this illness. She loves collecting hen and chicken stuff (though sadly none of the real feathered variety!) She is bit of a chatterbox, and totally disorganised. Deb is often seen around school with "that look" on my face, which usually means she's put something down and can't remember where!!

Deb blogs full-time at The Hen Coop.